Glyphs app slow on a 2019 MacBook Pro?

Help! I bought the base model MacBook Pro to use glyphs, and even when I’m not running any plugins, don’t have the preview text on, and when I’m only editing 2-3 glyphs at one time, my app just keeps freezing and lagging. every time I go to do anything, even as simple as select the zoom tool, i just get 10-30 second freezes and a spinning beach ball. I don’t even have any apps running in the background!

  • OS and Glyphs version?
  • Have you tried updating to latest Glyphs 2 beta? it’s quite stable.
  • Do you have any antivirus or cleaning tools installed?

What plugins do you have installed? Can you try to start without plugins by holding the Option+Shift button when you start the app?

How big is the typeface you are working one. It might be that the autosaving it taking longer than usual. Where are you saving to (the internal disk or a server)?

I’m running 2.6.5 (1338) on Mac OS Catalina 10.15.5. I saw your comment about the glyphs 2 beta on another forum so downloaded the cutting edge version because I thought that would help. There was no change. I’m new to apple so I’m really trying to learn everything at once! I have CleanMyMac X, does this count as cleaning tools?

I dont have any installed that I know of. pressing option+shift when starting the app doesn’t seem to do anything. The font is tiny, I started it this morning. I have like 5 characters so far! saving to an external memory drive.

Can you try to save to the internal drive?

Yes it does. In our experience, it does more harm than it helps. So you might try to deinstall it to see if that makes a difference.
But I suspect the external drive to be the bigger problem.

I’ve saved a copy to my internal drive and loaded that and it seems to work just fine no issues. The external drive is old and almost full, do you think this is the problem and if this is a known issue?

Writing the file to an slow disk can be slow. Normally the system should cache the access but maybe it is not working for that drive. How do you connect it. USB, Ethernet?

Can you keep the .glyphs file on the internal drive, for now?

I was connecting it with usb. I’ve noticed problems with it recently, like copying and saving on it. It’s almost full with so much junk, I think I’ll probably just end up buying a new external SSD, which I’ve heard are a lot more reliable and faster.

Just to help you get a comparison, I am running an older OS, macOS Mojave 10.14.6 with 8GB 1600MHZ DDR3 memory and my MacBook Pro is a 13inch from late 2013 and it runs super fast with zero dramas. So in general you have a much more powerful set up than me.

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Hello, I think I have the similar issue. I just started to use new Mac book pro (macOS Catalina version 10.15.6) and Glyphs version is 1338. I updated version 2.6.6(1343) but no changes. After I am editing even 1 glyphs 5 min, then app keeps freezing and needs to reboot Mac.
I am using 2 plugins which are Red Arrow and Show Next Font.

I used to use High Sierra version 10.13.6 with 1338 and 1343 and no issue with that I have no choice but I am using old one when I am working on Glyphs.

If you have any information to resolve it, please let me know.

  1. How full is your internal hard drive?
  2. Can you run Activity Monitor when the stall happens again?
  3. Do you know how to create a spin dump?

Can you try without the plugins? (hold down Opt+Shift when you start the app).