Glyphs "Artboard"

I use Glyphs over illustrator a lot when working on branding, would you ever consider creating a pasteboard within Glyphs that would act as a sort of “sketch board” where you could treat it like an Illustrator file, but just one giant artboard.

I know this is far fetched, but I also think it would be helpful for quick tests while working on type.

Just a thought.

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I wouldn’t mind this as a feature either, but you can set this up in a separate file pretty easily too. first create a new file, change the UPM to something high like 10,000. delete the font metrics except for ascender and baseline. delete all the glyphs. add a new glyph called “artboard” and set its width to 10,000 and now you’ve got a nice big square artboard to work on


Very smart, never thought about bumping up the UPM! Cheers

Or you define the glyph as Category=Icon.