Glyphs Beta 2.0.0 (673) CRASH A LOT

Does anyone exprience this also? It crash a lot, but A LOT, almost everytime I export or close a file, it crashed… This is something usual in the beta?

Using 10.10.1 (14B25)
No plug-ins

Just downloaded it and there is a huge bug.
Undo doesn’t work always.
I removed the wrong point, clicked Cmd Z right after and nothing happens.
In menu Edit / Undo is gray.
Is there an option we can downgrade to previous Betas?

Recently I am also facing huge problems with both, the most recent Glyphs 2 Beta and also 1.4.4 (611) on Yosemite.

These include crashes while decomposing components, switching between layers within a glyph and trying to turn one into the master layer, closing a file, etc.

Please send all crash reports and add a small note and your contact details.

Hi Georg,

I sent you one right now, and there should be some more in the system which I have been sending in the past.

Thanks in advance!

This version can’t be so bad as I don’t see a lot reports.

It is a two days after Christmas and a few before 2015.
People are on holidays.
And they believe Undo works as it should.

I agree; I haven't had any problems. In fact, I'm thinking G2 should be about ready to go into stable release.

Georg Seifert

Well, I know that mine is, and I was hoping that you could point me into the right direction to fix those problems, which currently make Glyphs nearly unusable to me.

Can you please send the crash reports that pops up when you restart the app (not the dialog that appears just after the crash).

Perhaps you can try in a different user. If it works there, then it must be a user setting. In that case, you can try trashing caches and com.GeorgSeifert.* pref files in ~/Library/, and restart your Mac.

There was a crash that occurred when closing a window and produced by far the most reports. After working on it the last week, I finally found the cause and fixed it.

Great! so, new version soon?

Just uploaded a new version. You need to acrivate the cutting edge versions in preferences to see it.

Great, using it now… anything will report.