.glyphs-bracket-layers and fontmake

What’s the most straightforward setup/work method to make .glyphs-bracket-layers work with ’fontmake’ to export static fonts? And please, I’m new to the whole fontmake-git-language-stuff.

Just set it up as usual. If you run into problems, then you might ask specific problems. But why do you like to use fontMake if you are not comfortable with it?

Ok, here’s the thing, fontmake won’t process the .glyphs output if it contains bracket layers for /cent and /dollar. I don’t know the error message by heart, but I read somewhere that there was a walkaround. The reason for doing this is learning the Google font trade.

I tried this a few days ago and it exported my bracket layers just fine. How did you set it up?

It works. The bracket layers were incompatible and didn’t show up because they were out of range.

Thank you, Georg, for letting me know you tried it recently, that made my efforts all worth it.