Glyphs Crashes a lot

My Glyphs3 also constantly crashes. I don’t know why. I have tried many things and nothing works.

Can you try starting Glyphs without plugins by holding the Cmd and Shift key when you start the app?

I decomposed all segments components and it stoped. And this was most likely the cause. Restoring an older version of glyphs, other things, didn’t help and the crashes started after applying segments components.

Can you send me that file?

I found your crash reports. It seems to crash when the Text Preview window is updating. So it should be more stable when you close it.

And have you tried to run Glyphs without plugins.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t reproduce it, yet.

Hi. No. And I need the text window and plugins in my work now. I can work with decomposed segments components but good to know what was the problem.

I was wondering if the problem was that I have an M1 macbook and use 2 monitors using macOS InstantView app and Hub because otherwise the M1 13 inch would not support 2 monitors.

Trying without plugins would be a debugging measure only. It would help narrow down the problem. So could you try without for some time and see if it still crashes?

Yes. No problem. I will try to do it tomorrow.