Glyphs crashes because of `pos` rule

I have this line in liga features:

pos hyphen_greater.liga <750 0 750 0 (wdth:3) 600 0 600 0>;

And, if there’s this line (or rather the (wdth:3) part) and I hit the “Compile” button, Glyphs crashes immediately.

The width axis range in my font is 3—6. Glyphs version is 3.0.5 (3131).

Can you send me that file?

Sent in DM.

Fixed it. Thanks

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Should it be fixed in 3.1 (3132)? (It continue to crash in 3.1.)

No. Just fixed it this morning.

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Wow! With the latest update, the rule works just perfectly!

Even for the variable version: Dropbox - - Simplify your life

Thank you, @GeorgSeifert!


Ligatures work perfectly in a variable font, but something is wrong with static styles. On wdth:3 (and accordingly on 4 and 5) pos rule works incorrectly.

@GeorgSeifert, may it be on Glyphs’ side? @FlorianPircher fyi.

Can you send the .glyphs file?


The (wdth:3) variable value records are not meant for static instances. You need a “Replace Feature” parameter for this. And I would recommend to use classes for the pos rules.
something like:

@threeChars = [hyphen_hyphen_greater.liga, period_period_period.liga, colon_colon_colon.liga …];
@twoChars = [hyphen_hyphen.liga, hyphen_greater.liga, period_period.liga …];
pos @threeChars <1500 0 1500 0 (wdth:3) 1200 0 1200 0>;
pos @twoChars <750 0 750 0 (wdth:3) 600 0 600 0>;

Set the liga feature in to “Automatic”. And add a “Add Feature” custom parameter to each instance (the variable font settings, too). And put the two pos line in each. The classes can go in the classes section of the Feature settings. If you add “twoChar” and “threeChar” tags to the ligatures, you can automat the classes: