Glyphs crashes constantly when I try to write text in a text tab

Glyphs was running fine earlier and suddenly started acting weird. The text cursor doesn’t appear at all and I can’t type anything. Then glyphs always crashes

I’m running version 1.3.7 on Lion

Does it happen with all fonts? And do you have a selected a feature in the lower left corner?

If happened with all the fonts I tested. One font had four masters and another had only one. I didn’t have any features selected.

That bug happens from time to time. It also goes away by itself after a while. Glyphs wasn’t working well yesterday but now it works again.

When glyphs freezes the tool buttons also stop working. Meaning that I can’t select the pen tool for example. Or the the tools get selected but only the zoom tool might work etc.

ok, I see this behavior, too. But one once a day or so. I’m working on it.

I’m having the same problem. I’ll be working for a few minutes, then try to switch from edit view to text view and Glyphs crashes. Or sometimes the tool buttons stop working, I get the rainbow cursor, and Glyphs crashes. It’s become practically unusable. I’m running 10.6.8 and didn’t have any of these problems until the most recent Glyphs update from the App Store.

Georg, any update on the crashing? Do you need any further information?


adding my voice here. i’m seeing exactly the same thing, and came to see if others had. of note, the app was functioning perfectly all night last night, but today is a crashy mess. not sure what changed. georg, you should be seeing some crash reports and system info from today based on my machine.

I will upload an update tomorrow.

I’ve only used the app a handful of times before but today (the 27th) it’s crashed on me 5 or 6 times for no particular reason.