Glyphs Crashes on Closing File

Version 2.5b (1107)

I close a file and it crashes. Report sent

There is a new update which may fix that – build 1108.

Still happens in Version 2.5b (1108)

Did you update all plugins? You can disable all of them by holding opt+shift when you start the app.


I added this to the Crashes tutorial.

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Yes its fine with all the plugins disabled.
I have updated all the ones with repo’s, but I have custom versions of some plugins… how can I update them too…? or see which ones need updating…

The easies way to find the faulty ones is to move the first half out of the Plugins folder and try if it solved it. Then repeat.

And what do you mean with custom plugins. Did you write them yourself of did you edit existing. In the later case you might try a rebase with the remote repo. For the other ones: Failing plugins in version 1103

This one still causing issues

I have send a pull request. Should be fixed, soon.

cheers man this saved me some headaches