Glyphs crashes upon closing document

Almost each time I close a document with the red x-button in the left corner of a document, Glyphs crashes. It’s getting very annoying.

OSX 10.11.2 (15C50)
Glyphs Version 2.2.2 (827)

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Can you try if that happens with the latest beta version, too?

I don’t dare to use beta versions any longer. I had some problems before, and I have crucial deliveries I always need to do, so if something is not working properly in the Beta I’m in trouble I’m afraid.

This is a good idea to not use beta versions for production work. I was just asking if the problem is the same in the beta. You can duplicate the app and only load the update for one of the it.

OK, I’ll try that.

Same problem with the Beta. Crash upon close.

this has been my most common crash for a while…

Can you please send all crash reports (the one that come up on restarting the app. The dialog that shows up directly after the crash goes to apple and never comes out of it again.)

OK. I just sent one. I expect more on monday when I get back to work.

Please always send all reports. I need to know it the issue us reproduceable or not.

This has been happening to me for quite some time too. When I close the file it just stays there with the close button pressed in and the app stops responding so I have to force quit. Unfortunately when I reopen, it doesn’t present any error report so I can’t send anything. I emailed about this months ago with a screenshot, not sure what else I can supply.

…and nothing happening in the console either?

What should I look for in the console?

Right after the crash, open the console, and type “glyphs” in the search field. If you find something and the time stamp fits the crash, copy and paste the entry into an email and send it to support.