Glyphs crashes when I try to add my textured font?

I have an older version of glyphs 1.2.6 because my mac is so old. I have been trying to add my textured font into glyphs but it keeps crashing? I believe this is happening because there are to many anchor points on the letters when I added the texture to my letters in Illustrator. I used Ian Barnards Vectorpress to give my letters the texture. Is there a better way to add texture to my letters?

Can you try in the current version?
And read this, please:

No, my mac won’t support the newer version. I am just a beginner in glyphs and still learning. I have a clean version of my font, but want a grunge textured also. Clean version works fine, but when I add texture to my letters in illustrator and try to copy and paste them into glyphs, I get the circle of death!

What mac do you have? There is a certain number of nodes you can have in a font. It might be that you need to reduce the grunge a bit.