Glyphs crashes while exporting with "Autohint" checked

It happens with multiple .glyphs files, and I tried restarting Glyphs and my computer.

macOS 10.12.1 — Glyphs Version 2.4 (939)

Someone has an idea why this happens?


Is the font prepared for autohinting? Kind of outlines, standard stems, zones?

What happens when you try the steps in the Troubleshooting tutorial?

Can you try to try the latest cutting edge version? If it still crashes, could you send me one of the files?

I added stem values in my master as mentionned in the autohinting tutorial and it worked fine. No crash during export this time. It would be cool if a message prompted the user to prepare for autohinting when trying to export with autohinting checked :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help

Did you update to the latest version? Or just adding the stems? If the later, could you send me the file?