Glyphs crashing with specific file

Hi @GeorgSeifert I have a file that was shared with me that is crashing when I try to switch master in the font view.
In the system console I get the following, any ideas? Thanks in advance

|predeterminado|17:30:57.310037 -0300|Glyphs|UNIX error exception: 17|
|predeterminado|17:30:57.871043 -0300|Glyphs|<private> marked as needing update structural regions, even though it has received update structural regions 2 times this cycle. Future marking as needing update structural regions might be ignored. <private>|
|error|17:30:57.918439 -0300|Glyphs|<private>|
|error|17:30:57.919309 -0300|Glyphs|<private>|

Can you try to start without plugins (hold down Opt+Shift when you start Glyphs)?

I started Glyphs without plugins, using opt+shift and also removing the plugins folder and It crashes anyways.

What version do you have? And did you send a crash report?

Version 2.6.1 (1230) just sent a crash report.

Can you try the latest cutting edge version?

fixed, thanks!