Glyphs deletes my alternates without any warning :( PLS HELP

I’m working on symbols, and some alternates just disappear. I noticed it after returning to the main screen with all characters.

What version of Glyphs do you have? Had you saved your file?

I’v downloaded the latest one. Yes, now I’m saving every single step and different versions of this crazy program %)

There is a slight chance that you undo the creation of new glyphs. I could not reproduce this And I didn’t hear about that issue for some time.
We are about to upload a new version that might be better on preventing this.

How is it possible? Does undo work on a general board, while I’m in the current letter?

If shouldn’t work on the font when you are in edit view. That was I meant that should be more robust with the latest upcoming update.

Could you reproduce the problem?