Glyphs disappear after reverting

When I use File > Revert, some of the glyphs in my edit window disappear. This seems to affect mostly glyphs with a dot in the name such as No big deal but it adds to the general impression that I can’t trust Glyphs with reverting.

For many years, I have been wondering how reliable File > Revert really is, and I have hardly used it (in contrast to FontLab 5, where it seemed to be reliable). Instead, I usually close and re-open the file as I don’t trust Glyphs. It’s a pity as reverting can be a very convenient thing if I can be sure it does not mess up anything.

Can I ask for:
• Revert being 100% reliable
• No smartness
• i.e. guaranteed to be perfectly identical to closing and re-opening the file

I don’t need any smartness, I need perfect reliability.

Why doesn’t Glyphs simply internally do the same as if closing and re-opening the file? That should be easier to implement than the current implementation, which apparently tries to preserve some aspects of the UI but is unreliable in the end.

I never use it myself so I don’t test it enough. I’ll have a look.