Glyphs disappearing

Hey guys,
If I’m working on some glyphs and export them to test the revisions, these glyphs I last edited will disappear from my Illustrator test file, and then they’ll appear back only after a second export from Glyphs.
Not sure if it’s a bug but I encountered this more than once.
Is this normal? having to export twice for it to apply my revisions?


sounds like a cache problem

What post-processing are you doing in the instances? Are you applying filters? In combination with overlap removal?

If it is the typeface you are talking about here, then try unchecking (!) Remove Overlap in the export dialog, and adding a Filter: Remove Overlap parameter in the instance.

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Yes I did. Once I’ve deleted the ovelap, it looks like it works.

The problem is that the Remove Overlap option removes open paths. And in the second run, it realises that there is an Offset Path filter, and lets the open paths pass through the parameters.