Glyphs doesn't detect that a metric has been changed for component glyph

In a glyphs file that doesn’t have automatic alignment turned out, sometimes this happens, like after running “Steal Sidebearing” script, I have to go into the glyph, move the component (the whole glyph is just a component) and then it detects that the metrics has changed.

Can you safely reproduce it and describe steps for reproducing it?

here’s an example,
do a background transformation, and when the metric changes, the metric numbers of the glyph itself doesn’t even get updated, thus none of the linked metrics get updated either.

That was a specific problem with transform background. If you find more places, please report them.

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Another one:

It didn’t notice the LSB and RSB changed in breve (due to brevecomb sidebearings changes) until I moved the component.

I cannot remember it ever refreshed metrics instantly;
advised to click “Update metrics” !

The problem is not that it doesn’t refresh metrics instantly, It doesn’t even recognise that metrics has changed (see the number is not red) so when I Update Metrics it doesn’t even update.

I fixed it.

add a component, the width is resized but glyphs app doesn’t recognise the new metrics

Version 2.3.1 (902)
here’s a video:

This morning, I saw that, too. But I can’t reproduce it any more.

In a silmilar case… I confirm an “Un-loyal” metrics of components (please watch the following video):