Glyphs doesn't start

I just installed Glyphs 2.3 on my MacBook, and when I double-click on it, nothing happens. No window, no interface, just the icon in the task bar on the bottom of the screen. I moved it from the Downloads directory to Applications before starting it, with no improvement. I shut it down and tried to restart it without any success.

Glyphs does not have a splash screen or open or create a document automatically.

After you start the app, take a look at the top left corner of your screen: Next to the Apple symbol, does it say Glyphs? If so, press Cmd-N now to create a new document.

You are right. Glyphs must be running, because the Glyphs menu is visible at the top of the screen. Ctrl-N opens the new Font window. Thanks!

I’m guessing you’re new to Macs. :slight_smile: