Glyphs Export script, migrating from Fontlab

I decided to migrate a font project I was working on in Fontlab to Glyphs, using the provided FL export script by Georg Seifert.

I noticed that some of the FL font information got transferred to the Glyphs custom parameters, but not all. At least Vertical metrics (OS2 and hhea), strikeout & underline info and Panose definitions were not found in exported Glyphs file. I’m most concerned about the Vertical metrics, is there a reason it was left out or am I missing something?

Also, I had carefully defined the Blues values in FL, do I need to worry about these things in Glyphs?

I didn’t find much documentation about that script. It would be useful to know what are the parts it leaves out from exported files?

Most information is preserved, some by putting it in the right place, others by custom parameters. The vertical metrics are put in Masters > Metrics. I see that values from the “TrueType specific metrics” are not exported. I will have a look and see if I can fix that.

The Blue values are preserved. You find them in the Masters > Alignment Zones.

Ok, great! Not greatly important, but also “Subscript and Superscript” values can’t be found in the Glyphs file.

You should not rely on the OS/2 subscript and superscript values in the first place. Please correct me if I am wrong, but to my knowledge, there is no application that actually uses them. Even Word overrides them with its own defaults.

After much trial and tribulation, and many restarts on my Windows 7 machine, I can confirm Word 2007 is using the superscript Y size and Y offset when clicking the superscript button. X values seem to be ignored.