Glyphs exporting with no kerning

I have a font with some contextual kerning added and when I export the fonts the OTF’s have no kerning at all.

Also tested with other files that also have custom kern, and they don’t work either. All of them worked well in Glyphs 2.

Are you using the 3.2 cutting edge version? Then add the following line of code:

Yes 3.2.

is # Automatic Code a permanent implementation? or only for the cutting edge version?

The issue of having to manually add the # Automatic Code line is just with the cutting edge version.

Thanks! I just reverted to the latest stable version.
However, I am facing another problem. I have a project file that is specifically meant to export a font with only certain characters included. To achieve this, I utilized the “replace feature” parameter to replace my custom kerning with something that does not use the removed characters. This allowed me to export the font successfully. The replacement feature only replaced my custom kerning, but did not affect the automatic kerning. Previously, this method worked, but not anymore. The fonts simply won’t export, not even an error message.

My question is whether there is a way to remove the custom kerning, while still retaining the automatic kerning when exporting a project file that removes glyphs?

Is this in 3.2 or in the 3.1.2? When did it work?

I don’t think I have tried this in Glyphs 3, but I used to do this for several families, in glyphs 2.
In Glyphs 3 it only exports if I remove the kern feature, which of course removes all the automatic kerning, while I only want to remove the custom kerning.

You should also be able to instruct Glyphs to use the automatic feature code by including the # Automatic Code line in the replacement feature code.

I tried that, did’t work.

Can you send me the .glyphs file?