.glyphs file crashing app


Subject is self explanatory. I have a file in which I tested a small plugin to update features. I closed Glyphs and opening it back it crashes when I try to open that specific file. It doesn’t crash with another one.

Any idea why?


What version do you have?

Did you send crash reports (please send all of them) with a short note and your name?

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I checked and I have the last version (Version 2.6.2 (1231)).

I’ve just send the report with my email and a short note (like the one above). Hope I can be helped.

Thank you so much!

Can you send me the file as a .zip?

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Thanks Georg. I’ve sent the file via private message.

Thanks for the file. I could fix the crash.

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So glad to read this! I would really like to know what happened. Shall we use the private message?

Thank you so much once again!

I wonder why this crash was not more widespread. The preview view would crash without a selected layer.

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I see, it is a bit weird that I’m the first one experiencing this. Glad I reported and helped, then.

I saw that crash in the logs a few times but could not reproduce it until I got your file.