Glyphs file exported from FontLab 7 can’t be opened in Glyphs 3

This file was exported from FontLab 7 (it was originally Glyphs 3 file but edited in FontLab 7), it opens in Glyphs 2 but not Glyphs 3: ArefRuqaa11-11-2021.glyphs (695.2 KB)

Even after saving from Glyphs 2 the file does not open in Glyphs 3: ArefRuqaa11-11-2021.glyphs (693.4 KB)

If Glyphs 3 can be less strict that would be greet, but at least be able to open files saved from Glyphs 2.

I was able to open the file in Glyphs 3 after correcting the panose custom parameter (FontLab was adding quoted semicolons instead of the zeros and Glyphs 2 happily opened it and unquoted the semicolons).

That is wrong enough plist that Glyphs 3 is right in refusing to open it. The quotes semicolons are not the problem, the missing commas after each entry are.

The parser in Glyphs 3 is a bit more strict but also much more resilient to differences in white space. e.g. you could put all those pansose values in one line (with commas, of cause).

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Understood. I’m concerned the fact that Glyphs 2 wrote a file that Glyphs 3 can’t open (the rest is FL 7 bug and I’m OK with Glyphs not wanting to support such broken files).

I didn’t look at the file in Glyphs 2, yet. I’ll check that.

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I improved it a bit that it will write correct plist but the underlying problem is that FL is not writing a correct file. In some instances, it ends the line with a semicolon when it should use a comma (for entries in a list).

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Thanks. I’m trying to get FontLab to fix their output as well.