Glyphs file not opening

It was all working well. Now when I try to open the .glyphs file in Glyphs 3, it won’t open. i get this message:

Screen Shot 2022-05-10 at 17.05.01

Is the file placed in some form of cloud storage like iCloud Drive or Dropbox? That might have messed with the file contents.

Can you send me the file as a direct message? Or per mail to support at this domain and we’ll have a look.

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A: not that I know.

Of course!

Thank you!

Glyphs file not opening. Again. But no warning messages this time. When I try to open the file, Glyphs crashes and closes. Can anyone help?

Can you send me the file?

Just sent via e-mail!

I tried to open other file on Glyphs 3, but it won’t open, too, crashing Glyphs immediately. Maybe the problem is my Glyphs 3 app?

Did you installed plugins ?
Try to run Glyph with holding Shift+Option, to disable all plugins.

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Yes, I have installed plugins. It opened now, even the file that wasn’t opening! But what do I do, now? I mean, to make it work with the plugins enabled?

That mean one or some plugins are the origin of Glyphs crashs.
I difficult to tell you which one, try to uninstall one, relaunch Glyphs and repeated until crash still happening.

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Ok, I’ll try that! Thank you!