Glyphs for PowerPC, 32 Bit Intel and MacOS X 10.5

If you happen to have a PowerMac, a Intel Based Mac with Core Duo (not Core 2 Duo) or still run MacOS X 10.5 you can download and run this version.

This version will be there for some time but will not have all features of the main version as some rely on newer hard or software and I don’t have the resources to back port everything.

It says I need a license.

This version is only for users that have bought glyphs directly from me and not from the App Store.

Well I guess I’m out of luck then! Fantastic.

What version of the os and what CPU do you have?

10.6.8 and Intel Core 2 Duo. But I’m looking for something stable to run until the next update is available from the App store. I’ve reverted back to an older version of Glyphs via Time Machine backup and will see if that works while waiting for the update.


Opening files and creating new documents takes an unusually long time using this version

can you send me one of the files?

Can I ask, I am assuming it doesn’t run on older PPC chip Macs? Maybe you could put a “support” or “system requirements” notation somewhere on or near downloads page?
Thanks a lot.

The version from the website only runs on Mac with intel processor and needs at least MacOX 10.6.

The version I from above runs on older macs and needs at least 10.5.