Glyphs hardware requirements (MacBook Air 2020?)

Hi, bit more of an offtopic question, sorry. Maybe somebody more familiar with Glyph’s hardware requirements could help me a little. For work, I am looking to purchase a MacBook, as running Glyphs in a VM on my Windows laptop is getting a bit too taxing. All I need to run on my (prospective) MacBook is Glyphs. Nothing else. Maybe a little bit of Illustrator and InDesign, but for more intensive tasks, I would of course continue to use my Windows ultrabook.

Is the 2020 Air’s hardware capable enough to smoothly run Glyphs? Or should I wait for the upcoming MacBook Pro (although I really couldn’t care less for the TouchBar)? It’s also, of course, a question of price :slight_smile:

Hopefully this question isn’t too much offtopic, but I would appreciate any advice nonetheless. Thanks!

The MacBook Air is perfect. And if you pick the i5 processor it is capable of most (if not all) tasks a normal graphic designer can throw at it. Ultrabooks are those thin MacBooks Air clones, aren’t they? So the Air should be as fast as that. What model do you have exactly?

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To give you an idea of how little Glyphs app needs for running smoothly: I use Glyphs (latest build) on a late 2010 (! I know) Macbook Air, without ever having had things slow down. The new Macbook Air 2020 would be perfect, especially since the new keyboard update!

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Hi! Thank you very much for your response. I have an Asus Zenbook 3 (UX390UA), i7 (absolute beast, especially considering it only weighs 910g!) I can effortlessly play games and render stuff in AE on it. It’s my desktop computer. I have had little trouble running Glyphs in a macOS VM on Windows, my only issue is that it doesn’t have Thunderbolt 3 support – hence charging it while connecting it to a Thunderbolt 3 screen, which I have at work, is impossible. Big nuisance. Also, using it without being connected to a power source (so basically whenever I’m not at home or at work) drains the battery within 1–2h. That wouldn’t change if I upgraded to a Thunderbolt 3-capable Windows machine.

Maybe I’ll then take the leap. Thanks a lot for your advice.

As far as GeekBench is to be trusted, the new MacBook with the i5 is 20% faster in single core and 35% faster in multi core.

Faster than …? Previous year’s Air?

scroll down to see Geekbench numbers

Faster than your Asus.

I shall simply need to see for myself. Thank you all very much for your advice and recommendations. Appreciate it!