Glyphs has stopped working

I had this error 100 times today and than I had the possibility to say “Reopen it”. After too many times of rebooting and shutting down still no change… So I decided to throw it in the bin, cleared the bin and now I want to reinstall it but it already crashes when I click so no possibility to install it… Programs like Illustrator and Safari run without suspicious behavior… Any ideas what the problem might be ?

I can’t paste the error protocol because it doesn’t allow so many characters…

I supposed you still use version 2.0.1? Then you need to update to the latest version. Download it from the website if you can’t reach the autoupdater.

Where can I download the program on the site there is just the possibility to buy another license… I already bought one and I just want to update the program, which can’t be installed anymore…

Can you send me a download link ?
thanks for the quick replies all the time!

Download the trial version.