Glyphs Help 1.3.14

Just wondering, was Glyphs Help removed with the release of the handbook? If I click on Help in the Help menu I get a message saying Glyphs Help isn’t available.

This is a bug. Will fix that. Thanks

Thanks Georg

Hi Georg:
Just a reminder that the Help file still hasn’t made back into Glyphs. I know you’ve been busy improving other parts of the app and getting updates out. I just didn’t want it to get lost in the shuffle.

Many Thanks for the hint :wink: fixed it.

This is really good, thanks for hard work.

Hello - Suddenly Glyphs app is crashing all the time and some of the tools do not respond, for ex. the T- and H-tool. Before it was working fantastic, the best type editor ever. Is it possible to make a clean install? Maybe that’s the cure?

What version do you have?

Version 1.3.16 - I have probably send you a load of crash reports in the last few hours :-/ Sorry for the trouble.