Glyphs keeps and keeps on crashing

so now that i updated one machine to 10.7 and also run a 10.9 i could figure out, that my crash after exporting an otf in 95 % occurs, when i close the glyphs file after that (no matter if seconds or minutes later)

this is really annoying. i always send you the crash report, sometimes adding the otf-export hint, but i also told you, that i wont write anything, if it’s always the same. in a workflow of maybe 2 hours this happens sometimes every 15 minutes. makes working a real pain in the sth.

any chance to have that solved? pleeeaasseee!

I have no access to the crash reports, only Georg has. But still, this has me puzzled. So your steps to reproduce are:

  1. Export a .glyphs file.
  2. Wait a few seconds (or minutes).
  3. Save and close the file.

Do I get this right? I tried this a couple of times, with different fonts, finished and unfinished ones, and it didn’t crash once for me. What is your Glyphs > Preferences > User Settings > Restore Pre-Lion Saving Behavior setting? It should be off.

Can you try the latest beta (1.4.3 566)?

yes, your summary is right. by »export a .glyphs file« i’d just add »to .otf«. mainly i do this often, when i am working in indesign and see things for minor changes in the font.

as you tried, for me it was also not a matter of font files. this happens to very extended workfiles as also for super fresh ones with only a few drawings.

the pre-lion is checked. i have it like that, since otherwise this greying out of changed glyphs in the font overview doesn’t work (also i don’t trust the autosave when the program crashes often)

i just loaded the new beta, will let you know soon. thanks

one thing that you might be interested in: due to my current work situation, it is necessary for me to have the workfiles in a dropbox folder. maybe this can cause troubles? i am afraid for that, it shouldn’t be an issue, i really need to work like that.

thanks for your effort, guys!