Glyphs Marketplace

Hello forum members,

This is to inform you that we are launching the Glyphs Marketplace, a place where Glyphs users can offer paid services to other Glyphs users. If you have something to sell, follow the instructions at the bottom of the page and we will put your ad on the page, free of charge. Especially coveted: script consultation, font productions, scripting, workshops.

The Marketplace is not for offering fonts. It is solely intended for services by Glyphs users, for Glyphs users. Right now, there is not much on the page, but we are confident the page will fill up quickly. Bring it on! :slight_smile:

Find the Marketplace either via the Market link at the top of the page, or simply by adding the word market after the website URL:

Cheers, the Glyphs Team.


The Marketplace is a great idea. Thanks for implementing it.

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What about topics like:

  • Script/Plugin development
  • Fontshop/web development
  • Font presentation/graphics
  • Marketing

Cool idea!

Curious what the Schriftlabor Script Collection is?

I thought of presenting these two ideas as well, however, the market place seems to be centered more closely around Glyphs App itself. While some of the services offered may be executed outside of the app, allowing graphic design services might be a slippery slope.

Yes, the marketplace is a community service, i.e. intended for services by Glyphs users, for Glyphs users. We will add categories as entries arrive.

It is the set of production scripts we use internally at Schriftlabor. Planning to prepare an explanation page on the foundry website. Anyone interested can have a free trial month for playing with the scripts.


Where do I sign?

Send me your email address via DM please.