Glyphs Mini 2 - problem

Hello. Today I bought the program Glyphs Mini 2.
But before I bought it, I installed the trial version of that program today.
The problem is:
when I want to open the bought program of Glyphs Mini 2, the trial version is opened AND I only can use a bit of functions (letters, numbers, the space, period, comma, hyphen, and not more!).
And when I delete it, it doesn’t change, and I can’t open the bought program.

Should I wait the 30 days of the trial version, 'till I can use the bought program in a normal way?

Regards, mcload

What do you mean by “I only can use a bit of functions”?

I can use only:
letters, numbers, the space, period, comma, hyphen, and not more.

this is that what I mean.

You can add glyphs as you like:

  1. From the sidebar: right click an entries that has a badge like (0/10) and choose the glyphs from the list.
  2. add the glyph by clicking the plus in the lower left of the font view. Then give it the name you like
  3. Search the glyph in the Window > Glyph Info. There you can search for glyphs and add them to the font.

Where is the sidebar?
I sent a picture from the trial version.

You can see no glyphs in the left pane under the “Symbol” menu item.
It’s the same under “Akzente”, “Andere”, “Kyrillisch” and “Griechisch”. There’s is nothing. That’s the problem.

Only you can see Glyphs under the item “Buchstaben”, “Ziffern”, “Interpunktion”, “Trennzeichen”.

The sidebar is the gray area on the left.
Most categories can be expanded to show shun items. Those will have the badges I spoke about.