Glyphs Mini – automatic kerning

I use TypeTool to create small icon fonts. Would Glyphs Mini be a full replacement?
I just load the Trial, but, what I miss is the automatic kerning of all contained glyphs.
Is this function available, or can I just do it manually, glyph by glyph?

There is no kerning of glyphs, only glyph and group pairs. Do you mean spacing?

There is no auto kerning or auto spacing, but you can set metric keys in Glyphs Mini, which make the spacing process much easier. Read about metric keys in the handbook or in the Spacing tutorial.

There is a kerning editor which allows autokerning. Too bad that the function is missing in Glyphs Mini. Did Glyphs has this feature?

Glyphs Mini and Glyphs have that feature. You can do the spacing and kerning inside the edit view. No need for an extra window. There is a tutorial that explains this:

Yes, I’ve already read this doc, manually it’s possible. I ordered Glyphs Mini, so that I can see without time pressure what’s possible. I have already seen that a woff export is possible. Is it possible to add / buy more export options to ensure a complete export for web (eot, svg, ttf) with Glyphs Mini?

Who told you that? What does that person mean by ‘complete export’?

  • eot is only for legacy versions of IE (current combined market share below 0.19%), and tricky in some respects; Glyphs 2.x provides it.
  • svg is not even an OpenType format, also not seriously in use anymore (filesize issues).
  • plain ttf would only make sense for some very old Android devices (current combined market share below 0.28%); Glyphs 2.x provides it. On Glyphs Mini, you can simply export an otf instead.

Statistics according to We assume that the rare scenarios where you must be able to export eot and ttf justify the investment in Glyphs. In a pinch, you can use online converters too. I hope you are not serious about svg as a font format.