Glyphs Mini bug? All exports are Regular

Using Glyphs Mini and regardless of what I enter in the Style Name field in the Font Info all fonts I’ve tried exporting always export as Regular (though of course the actual glyphs are not Regular) - the OTF file name ends with “-Regular” and when checking the font in Apple Font Book it too shows the font variation as Regular (even though it isn’t Regular and I’ve entered something else in the Style Name field).

Do I need to do anything other than just enter say “Italic” in the Style Name and then export, to actually export my italic font as Italic rather than Regular?

Or is this a bug?

If it’s a bug I hope this gets fixed very soon, cause it’s a rather major one that severely limits the application.

Any helpful input would be highly appreciated.

This is a known bug and it is fixed and the update is submitted to the App Store.

Awesome! Thanks!