Glyphs Mini bug? Continuous selections doesn't stick

When selecting a glyph and then shift-selecting another glyph in order to select a range of glyphs, quite often all the middle glyphs are automatically deselected right after I select the second/last glyph.

I select the first glyph, then shift-click a second glyph (the last one in a range of glyphs), I see all glyphs actually being selected as expected, but right after that in a fraction of a second all middle glyphs are deselected, leaving only the first and the last (as if I’d command-clicked the last one). It’s very weird, and happens annoyingly often. But repeating the selection process works, so it’s not a serious bug, just an annoying one.

I’m usually using the trackpad for selections, not the mouse, so it’s possible it’s somehow related to that in some way.

Yeah I just did some further testing. If you move the pointer inbetween mousedown and mouseup during the selection of the final/second glyph all the middle glyphs are deselected. This doesn’t happen easily by accident while using a mouse, but it’s really easy to accidentally movie your finger slightly before mouseup when using a trackpad.

I don’t know if maybe this is intentional behavior somehow, but for me it’s just really annoying, and I’d like to see this behavior changed in an update. But at least now I know why it happens and how to two to avoid it.


Thanks for the report. I fixed it.

Awesome! Thanks!