Glyphs Mini - Choose file name on export

Hey, I download the full version of Glyphs and made some edits to an open source font. I didn’t work on the project for a while and my company had not yet purchased the full license. I saw that there was a light version and downloaded the trial of Glyphs Mini, hoping that it would do everything I need. I edited a few more characters and then exported my file. I could rename the entire glyphs file, and choose the export location. However, I can’t figure out how to choose the name of the exported file before exporting it. I feel like I could do this in the full version of Glyphs as the current export name is “FontName-Edit-2.otf”, and at some point I must have added 2 to the end of the file name.

Is this a feature that only exists in the full version of Glyphs? Is there some data retained in the file for export name that can’t be edited in Glyphs Mini? I can get my company to purchase the full version of the software, but it will definitely be easier to get approval from my supervisor for the less expensive option.

Since your company will buy the full version, take a look at the differences between the two versions here:
then sell your supervisor on the full version. It has the most features, including a wealth of third-party scripts and plugins that make the job a lot easier. Most of them are free, too.

Never settle for lesser tools when you know you can get a better one that will help you do the job quicker.

I think the exported font file name is determined by the font name in Font Info (Cmd-I) in both versions of the application.

What @eliason wrote. And in the full version, you can override it with a custom parameter.

The name is composed out of the font family name and style name.

If you can’t see some corresponding values in the font info in Glyphs Mini, then there might be some settings made by the full version that the mini version is not ignoring correctly. So you might need to open the file in the full version and remove all custom parameters. I’ll have a look to fix that in Mini.

Thanks for the response everyone. I looked through the differences between glyphs and glyphs mini, and I don’t know enough about font editing to know if the things I would get from the full version are necessary for my task. I’m not going to be doing a lot of work in the program, just modifying several weights of the font Barlow Condensed to emulate a font we’ve been using, Simplifica, that has only one weight. My goal is to change as little as possible about the font, since I don’t know enough to confidently construct a font from scratch.

I do think there’s an error happening, since the font family name and style name appear like this in info:

And then like this on export: