Glyphs Mini crash festival

Hi, I’m sorry to complain, I love working with Glyphs Mini, but I think the app really needs some attention. I crash Glyphs about every 15 minutes when i’m using it. I always send in my crash reports through the dialog. It’s getting a bit annoying.

The most common crashes I get is when I close the info tab while having a field in focus or just edited and just doing undo’s (cmd + Z) while editing shapes.

Is someone still looking after Glyphs Mini?

Do you send the crash report that comes up right after the app crashes or the one that should come up after you restart?

I send both, but most of the time i don’t bother anymore with writing my name, email or writing a report. Mostly I just type sad faces :frowning: now…

I’d love to help out by pointing out bugs if that’s useful.

if you could send me the cars reports manually, that would help. Either copy them from the Apple Crash reporter window, or find them in the Send them to support at this domain.