Glyphs Mini crashes at copy paste


Glyphs Mini crashes when I copy a glyph in the overview window and want to paste it again
(to make a copy for alternative draft). I do it via the general CMD+C/CMD+V.
It worked before. I have sent two reports. I deleted the preferences but it didn’t help.
I read about similar problems in the forum but couldn’t find a real answer.
I’m still using the trial version and would be happy to hear from you as I would love to buy the program if it works.


Which (precise) app and macOS versions are you using? For Mini, you can find the version number via the menu Glyphs Mini > About Glyphs Mini.

I am using Mini Glyphs version 2.0.2 (92) and my Mac System ist running on El Capitan 10.11.6

Hello again,
I also found out that the program crashes when I want to add a component. Would reinstalling the program help?


Can you send me the font where the copy-paste crash happens? Please an e-mail to support at this domain.