Glyphs mini does not want to open on my mac

Hello, I just bought my license glyph mini on, but I can not download the software on the website (via google chrome and via safari). My mac version 10.14.6.
So I download it on another computer and I feel it on mine.
But I can not open it, it says “impossible to open the application”. Do you know what I have to do? I hope you find a solution, thank you.

The website is

When you transfer the app from another computer, make sure that you compress the app in a .zip.

Thank for your answer. Yes I bought the license on glyphs
Yes, I did transfer the zip file. But it still does not work.

I have made the update “Mojave” 10.14.6 to install Glyph Mini 2. I then bought the license and since I am blocked because I can not download the application on the website of glyphs. So I downloaded the app on another mac and I then send on my Mac the zip file. containing the app.
But this one does not want to open the app.

Does this link work:

“safari can not connect to the server” and same on Chrome

Very few people have this problem. I would like to figure this out and you could help with that a great deal if you do the following steps.

In what country are you?

Can you please check what DNS server you are using (System Preferences > Network > Advanced… > DNS)

And could you try this in the Terminal:

cd ~/Downloads
curl -O

Can you send he output of those commands? Thanks a lot.