Glyphs Mini from App Store no longer updating

Hi - I purchased Glyphs Mini from the app store and it looks like I’m unable to update the app – Glyphs Mini > Check for Updates doesn’t appear in this version.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to transfer to a standalone license?

The App Store version will update automatically, unless you disable the automatic updates. In that case, you need to trigger the update in App Store itself.

And, the App Store version still takes a few days.

Got it -
I actually tried downloading the latest version from the Glyphs website & am now locked out (

Is there a way to convert the app store version to a regular license?

You can delete the app and re-download it from the App Store.

Thanks Georg - do you know when the App store version will be updated? The current version is more than a year old…

I’m preparing the update right now.

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Thanks again -
I’m still having trouble getting the application to re-install at all - I deleted the version downloaded from the website and tried re-downloading from the app store with no luck (the icon reverts to the cloud download button). Any ideas?

That is a Mac/App Store problem. We have no influence on that. Maybe Apple support can help?