Glyphs Mini Mask

Glyphs Mini meets almost all my modest joyscribe requirements. But just one mask layer would be handy to compare a glyph ‘before and after’ modifications were made.

I think that Glyphs Mini still includes the background layer for each glyph. Use Command-B to switch between the background and the foreground layers. So, you could Select all (Command-A or Command-A twice to get also select anchors and such), then Command-J to replace the background layer with your selection.

You may need to enable View->Show Background (Shift-Command-B) to see the background layer while editing the foreground layer.

Hope that helps.

Thanks composerjk, I’ll try that.

In Glyphs Mini, the shortcut to put stuff in the background is cmd+K (as it was in Glyphs 1). You can see all related functions in the Glyph menu.

Thank you Georg. I’ll check it out.