Glyphs mini OSF support?


I couldn’t find info on whether Glyphs mini supports OpenType figure set generation. I’ve set up default lining figures, and a “.osf” set of old style figures, but the feature is not in the font on export.

Perhaps this is restricted to the full version of Glyphs? If so, it would be great to have all of these differences between the full version and Glyphs mini laid out in more detail (the existing descriptions of the differences are very vague…).

It should work if you name the default figures one, two, three, etc., and the old style figures one.osf, two.osf, three.osf, etc.

If you still have problems, please send your file to support at this domain.

[EDIT:] Sorry for the misinformation, I only occasionally use the Mini version.

Will do…

The OpenType features for figures are not supported by Glyphs Mini.

Ah, well, OK.

A table with the differences between Glyphs mini and the full Glyphs would be enormously helpful. Both so that people would know what to buy, and wouldn’t spend valuable time wrestling with features that aren’t even implemented in the version they are using. The existing description on the Glyphs mini page are kind of vague …

Having said that, I enjoy using Glyphs mini very much.

…and the documentation makes no mention of what features to find in each version, apart from a vague introductory paragraph…

The page about Glyph Mini states:

I will clarify the wording.
I am working on a separate Glyphs Mini handbook as we speak.

Newbie question: The features page for Glyphs Mini said that it would automatically create Small Caps. When it generates the small caps does it add the correct unicode? I am adding them to an existing Open Source OT font.

Small caps do not need unicodes. They are accessed with an OpenType Feature. If you add an “.sc” suffix to the name (, Glyphs Mini will generate the feature for you.

Georg Seifert
But, then Open Type features in InDesign are not supported by Glyphs Mini? So for the small caps to work I would need to use the full version, I assume.

Glyphs Mini does support small caps. Just use a .sc suffix for your glyph names (like