Glyphs Mini—Paths not showing when using pen tool


I have a problem with a new, updated version of Glyphs Mini app. Since the new update, I cannot see paths when I’m using the pen tool. I can see them again if I’m in another tool or in preview mode. Also, it’s not only when I’m starting to draw, but also if anything is drawn already and I want to use the pen tool, paths disappear. Basically, as long as I’m using pen tool I cannot see my paths.

I attached a video of a problem.

Hi @mihael1, welcome to the forum and thanks for reporting the bug.

I can reproduce it but have not seen this before. I suspect an incompatibility with the latest macOS. Are you on the latest Mojave?


Yes, I just recently updated my Mac and then Glyphs App. This is my setup:

Hope that will help. I’m in the middle of the school project and this needed to happen just know :frowning:

I sent you a DM.

Hi, I’m having the same issue! Using Mojave 10.14.5
Is there a workaround?

Not yet, will send you a DM.

I re-downloaded the software and now it’s working fine. Maybe try that

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