Glyphs Mini price difference

Would there be any issues using the Glyphs Mini demo, but eventually purchasing through the App Store?

I only ask as it’s $76CDN on the Glyphs site, and $64 on the App Store.


$64US is $90.06CDN. And yes, it would be converted.

My region is set to Canada, so the price should be $64CDN.

The only difference between the AppStore version and the one you get from us directly is that ours gives you access to the beta version. (The terms of the AppStore do not allow that in the AppStore version.)

Ok. I see the App Store is 2.1.3 and Glyphs site is 2.6.4. Thx.

Version 2.6.4 is the full version of Glyphs. The Mini version is less different.