Glyphs mini Purchase

Hi I’m considering buying Glyphs mini, will I be able to import Spacing and Kerning?

From where?

I had previously been using an old version of fontographer on my old mac, but kerning didn’t always export and I’m look to keep FG off my new machine.

You want to import spacing and kerning from a .fog file?
No version of Glyphs does that.

You might be able to create a .pfb font file in Fontographer and then import the .afm metrics file. As per:

But I should be able to import from my otf? or from a fea?

Glyphs will import kerning from OTF and UFO files. I don’t know if Glyphs Mini can do that, tho.

Glyphs Mini can import kerning from OTF fonts.

Brilliant, Danke Georg.