Glyphs Mini: Some letters won't export


When I’m testing my font in Glyphs Mini, it works like it should.
But when I export the font, the letters T and X won’t work. They just show up blank.

I tried to “tidy up the path”, make it in illustrator and import, nothing, it’s just blank.

Did I mess something up?

EDIT: I just had to update the version number of my font ant it worked. Strange.

If a outline is not exporting it can mean that you have an open path. Look carefully at all nodes. If one has no circle around it but some blue lines, you need to connect the node by moving one away and back on top of the other.

If you install the font in the system, changes to the font are not displayed correctly. Changing the font name or version number triggers a reload.

Got it, cheers.