Glyphs mini: The document ... could not be autosaved


With Glyphs mini, I receive regularly the following error message on my Mac:

The document “xxx.glyphs” could not be autosaved. The file has been changed by another application.
Click Save Anyway to keep your changes and save the changes made by the other application as a version, or click Revert to keep the changes from the other application and save your changes as a version. You can also click Save As to save your changes to a different file.

The files glyphs file is saved on a local OneDrive, but no other program is accessing it.

BTW, I don’t have these issue with the normal Glyphs app, just with Glyphs mini.


Do you save the files into a Dropbox folder or something similar?

Yes: the file is saved to a local disk that is synced via Microsoft OneDrive to SharePoint. As said, only Glyphs mini has the issues, Glyphs works fine.

I suspect it will have the same problem in Glyphs when you activate “Use Versions (new saving behaviour in Lion)” Preferences > User Settings.

I’m a bit confused by the above.
I have students using Glyphs Mini and they are reporting issues saving their work to a thumb drive and/or onedrive.
I know in Glyphs proper in the preferences > user settings there’s a way to uncheck “Use Versions.” Does that option exist in Glyphs Mini 2? Have others solved this issue?

I am note sure why saving in a thumb drive fails, but the Versions feature can be controlled system-wide in System Preferences → General: