Glyphs overview very slow

Glyphs seems to become very slow with a certain amount of masters in the glyphs view. I’m working on a font with 9 masters atm and the slow. Switching master of even selecting a single or set of glyphs is so annoyingly slow.

List view of course is a lot more responsive. But then I think this cover flow section also seems to slow it down, even if it’s completely collapsed, and master compatibility is not shown, so it’s almost useless to me.

Is there anything that significantly can improve performance, when working with many masters?

Version 2.3b (866)

Do you have Preview section or window open? Or a lot of text in one of the tabs?

No, theres no preview or tabs open

actually, when working the edit view, it becomes better and more responsive… it’s mostly in the glyphs view where it’s lagging and beachballing…

Just to confirm: By ‘glyphs view’, you mean the Font tab, right?

Have you tried the latest beta? Perhaps it is already fixed.

Could you send me the file?

yes, the font tab.

no I haven’t tryed the latest beta, I’m not sure if that’ll help

Make sure the View -> Show Glyphs in Label Color option is not on.

that must be an view plugin I don’t have installed

Ah. Well that’s what fixed it for me. Maybe try deactivating all plugins if you have any.