Glyphs Plugin with Python Module?

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I am curious – is there an established way to bundle a python module with a Glyphs plugin? So it doesn’t require a user to install the python module?

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If that module is unique to your plugin, you can just put it into the plugin. But if it might be used in other plugins, it can be added to the Modules section of the plugin manager. Then you add it as a dependency to your plugin in the plugin manager packages file. The module can be marked hidden as it will only be used by dependent plugins.


Thanks for this reply! Can you point me to documentation for

add it as a dependency to your plugin in the plugin manager packages file



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I wonder if I should give a more concrete example @GeorgSeifert . I’d like to make a plugin which makes use of the PIL module. Pillow — Pillow (PIL Fork) 9.0.1 documentation

How do I make this happen without installation complexity for the end user?

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What do you need that module for?

I’m using it for some raster image operations, including making arbitrary crops of images and so on. It’s a long story.

Is there a way to have a glyphs plugin require this module, and still install in a simple way?

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I don’t have much experience with putting modules into plugins. Normally it should be enough to copy the installed folder into your plugins Resource folder. But you need to figure out how to get a universal binary version.

But why I asked about what you like to do: MacOS includes quite powerful image manipulation functions. So it might be easer to rewrite that part to use NSImage or CoreImage. Can you be more specific what you are trying to do (maybe in a private message). Then I could advice your better.