Glyphs prints a heavier weight than InDesign

I had been printing a few proofs straight from Glyphs to check on my design. It all seemed ok, so I exported the fonts to the Adobe Fonts folder to test in InDesign. I had a somewhat unpleasant surprise as the proof printed from InDesign is significantly lighter (and the spacing feels off, but maybe it’s just the weight). Sorry the scan quality is not the best, but you can see here for instance how the counters are much more open in the InDesign proof – both printed at 12pt:

A few weeks ago I posted in another thread because Glyphs was printing in gray instead of black (that issue has been fixed), I’m not sure if this is related or not. In the Glyphs print dialog for my printer I have the option to change the levels of brightness and contrast, however changing those values did not affect the printed page, I think those settings apply only to images. My Glyphs version is 2.6.1 (1216).

Glyphs is printing the outline shapes and Indesign is printing from the font. Either has different processing.

Can you check the path direction?
And can you convert to outlines in Indesign and print that?

Oh that’s interesting, crazy how much it changes the appearance.

Path directions are all correct.

I could convert to outlines in InDesign, but if the point is to test how typefaces are actually going to be used then it doesn’t make much sense to me.

Printing form Glyphs in such small sizes are not recommended.

Yes I’ve learned that now, I didn’t know it before.