Glyphs Quickmove

To Users,

How can I select the centre of a glyph and its surrounding nodes then quickly move it into place where its required.


I am not sure what you mean. Select nodes with the Select tool (shortcut V). Then you can set new properties in the grey info box.

I assume this is related to your threads regarding Illustrator, so I’ll answer with that in mind. Select all (cmd+A). A box will appear next to the glyph’s info box with information about nodes and position. In the dot grid to the left select the bottom-left corner. Then set the x and y positions to zero. After that you’ll have to adjust the position manually to address overshoots.


Is it possible to quickly move an illustrator glyph into view without the use of arrow keys (quite slow) or by another method if its copied and pasted outside the main window view of glyphs.


Do you know that you can hold cmd+shift to make the arrows faster?

Or prepare the position of the outline in Illustrator to get it in place already.
If it is vertically at the right place, you could type in side bearing values.

To Georg,

Much better cmd+shift make the arrows faster never thought of that shortcut.