Glyphs renamed or not found in Glyphs 3.2 (3212): eg Blinebelow

I updated to 3.2 (3212) and encountered these errors on export:

It appears that the previous version (the previous beta release of 3.2) saved some glyphs with names that are no longer recognised by the newer version of Glyphs?

It looks like Blinebelow is the name for U+1E06, but that’s now called Bmacronbelow?

Did you run Update Glyph Info on these glyph after updating or do you suspect that the glyphs were renamed automatically by the app update?

The feature code is not modified when running Update Glyph Info (or doing any other operations). If glyphs are renamed, the feature code must be edited manually to fit the new names.

automatically by the app update

I think this happened automatically - the previous version, as a glyphspackage on github, has files with the names (B_linebelow) etc.

Can you send me that .glyphspackage?