Glyphs starts from 3193, some plugins may not compile correctly in XCode

Have there been any changes between 3192 and 3193?

Some plugins I made with xcode started with 3193 and prompted blow errors during compilation.

x duplicate symbols for architecture arm64


x duplicate symbols for architecture x86_64

Basically, these are just a few

duplicate symbol '_defaultCorrectContrast' in:
duplicate symbol '_defaultCorrectThickness' in:
duplicate symbol '_defaultCorrectShape' in:

At first, I thought I accidentally repeated the reference, but after searching several times, I couldn’t find it. Later, I reinstalled Glyphs with a lower version and it was enough。

Then I tested all the updated versions from the past month and found that Switching back to 3192 and earlier versions can successfully compile,

And plugins that have been successfully compiled through versions 3192 and below can also be installed and run on versions 3193 and above

I haven’t been able to find the problem,how exactly is this caused?Are there any solutions?

MacOS 13.3.1 (a)
Xcode 14.3 

Do you import “GSLayer-Transformation.h” in your code? Can you post the exact line?

Yes, I imported “GSLayer-Transformation.h”. After removing it, it was indeed compiled successfully. What caused it? I don’t see any changes in this interface, but have there been any changes in the internal implementation? How should I refer to this?

The header defines some variables and if you import them several times, you get a conflict. I’ll fix that.

ok,I’m very grateful that found out where the problem!